My name is Kevin Conley, and I am a third-year PhD candidate in electrical engineering at Stanford University.

I work with Kunle Olukotun in the Pervasive Parallelism Laboratory on heterogeneous and parallel computing using FPGAs.

In May 2012 I received my B.S.E. in electrical engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and in June 2014 I received my M.S. in electrical engineering from Stanford.

My technical interests include embedded systems, artificial intelligence, machine learning, web/app design, and programming languages. My favorite programming languages are C (for embedded/HPC), Python (for scripting and rapid prototyping), and Java (for everything else).

Outside of school, I enjoy cooking, geocaching, flying quadrotor helicopters, playing billiards, watching movies, and playing computer games.

I also enjoy helping members of the community fix broken electronics, appliances, and computers at the Repair Cafe in Palo Alto.