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How I Used Virtual Reality to Propose to my Wife
·892 words·5 mins


Porting Game Boy Emulators to the Pebble Time
·989 words·5 mins


Using Machine Learning to Recommend Heroes for Dota 2 Matches
·2367 words·12 mins
Preventing Cheating at Hackathons
·1118 words·6 mins
How to Determine if Your Compiler is Inlining Your Functions
·574 words·3 mins
Review of Packt's "Boost.Asio C++ Network Programming" eBook
·807 words·4 mins


Formatting an SD Card for the Beagleboard(Xm,Bone) in Ubuntu 12.04
·279 words·2 mins
Kevin on Broadcast Radio
·316 words·2 mins
Using Raw Sockets in Asio/Boost.Asio
·123 words·1 min
The Easy Way to install Scala on Mac OS X
·227 words·2 mins