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Programming Arduino Mega using avrdude
·61 words·1 min
How I Thwarted a Laptop Thief with the Help of McAfee and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
·805 words·4 mins
Haskell Final Project
·93 words·1 min


Goron City Ringtone
·51 words·1 min
Wireless 8x8 LED Sign
·275 words·2 mins
How to Access Channel 3 on a Philips 7225 C107 Hotel TV
·916 words·5 mins
Scrolling RSS Feeds on an 8x8 LED Sign via Serial
·1479 words·7 mins
Presenting at PennApps Mobile 2011
·27 words·1 min


O' Circuit-Tree, O' Circuit-Tree
·1441 words·7 mins
Korea - Day Three
·1255 words·6 mins