Side Projects

TARA: Totally Awesome Recipe Assistant

Screenshot of TARA website showing recipe view of baked macaroni and cheese

A Meteor-based voice assistant web application for cooking with recipes.


Stanford Marguerite iPhone App

Screenshot of Stanford Marguerite iOS app showing next buses to arrive at Palto Alto Transit Center

A free, open-source iPhone app for the Stanford Marguerite shuttle bus system.


Utility Knife

Animated GIF showing navigation in and out of Dropbox folders using UtilityKnife

A Flask-based web app for visualizing Dropbox space/file usage as a treemap.


Lightning Rod

(project frozen for now)

A free, cross-platform Dropbox client written in Java that runs on a flash drive.

Teammates: Evan Benshetler, Mike ChenCasey ConleyBill Etter


  • Finalist, AngelHack Hackathon, Spring 2012


HAWK: Helicopter Aircraft Wielding Kinect

Picture of HAWK quadrotor helicopter

A quadrotor equipped with a Microsoft Kinect that creates 3D maps of buildings.

Teammates: Kelsey Duncombe-Smith, Bill Etter, Paul Gurniak, Matt Hale, Alfredo Muniz, Teddy Zhang

Advisor: Rahul Mangharam


  • 2nd Place, Cornell Cup Embedded Systems Competition, 2012
  • Honorable Mention, University of Pennsylvania ESE Senior Design, 2011-2012

Video | Code

Screenshot of website showing pronunciation page for "Kevin Conley"

A Django-based web app/widget that helps others learn how to pronounce your name correctly.

Teammates: Casey Conley, Varun Sampath


  • Best Market Potential Award, PennApps Hackathon, Spring 2012


Picture of uWave microwave

A microwave hacked to play YouTube videos, completed in under 40 hours.

Teammates:  Varun Sampath, Ben ShyongTeddy Zhang


  • First Place, PennApps Hackathon, Fall 2011

Website | Video | Code

SMS Person Finder

Screenshot of smspersonfinder text message conversation

A crowd-sourced, text-message interface for Google’s Person Finder disaster victim database, completed in under 24 hours.

Teammates: Ted Lee + many others, see README


  • First Place, Random Hacks of Kindness Silicon Valley Hackathon, June 2011



Picture of AutoPlug device powered on

A prototype automotive architecture for plug-n-play services.

Teammates: Gabe Torres, Teddy Zhang

Advisor: Rahul Mangharam


  • Grand Prize, World Embedded Software Contest, 2010
  • Best Presentation, Rachleff Scholars Research Symposium, 2010



Picture of NEStalgia controller opened up

A wireless rifle controller for the game Cabal on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Teammate: Evan Benshetler

Website | Video


Screenshot of SEPTA Now web app showing locations of trains on a map

A Rails-based real-time visualization of SEPTA’s regional rail trains, completed in under 40 hours.

Teammates: Varun Sampath, Ben ShyongTeddy Zhang


  • Student Choice Award, PennApps Hackathon, Fall 2010

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